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FEBRUARY 19, 20 AND 21 OF 2020

  • General Average and salvage bonds. Nature and scope coverage in ICC.
  • State and condition of transport means as implied warranty for cargo insurance. Insured's perspective.
  • Evaluation of transport risks in autonomous vehicles.
  • Vessel’s fire and the repercussions on the law of maritime insurance and the maritime law.
  • The use of the vessel for criminal actions. Effects in to the hull and P&I insurance.
  • Evaluation of transport risks in autonomous vehicles.
  • Theory and practice of salvage coverage and costs.
  • Pollution liability in P&I coverage.
  • Pilot and maritime agents’ liability. Applicability of P&I Insurance.
  • Collision Liability. Running Down Clause – P&I Coverage, Theory and practice.
  • Risks in the port concession contract, Critical analysis.
  • Risk management and insurance needs in the port sector. Risks Identification.
  • New trends in ports and logistics operations at the sight of the Qualifications National Rule.
  • Logistics 4.0. and the maritime risk transformation: Challenges of the insurance industry.
  • Logistics operator's liability and its insurance.
  • The carrier and agent’s custom liability. Insurance covers applicable
  • Current state of transport insurance liberalization in Colombia. RAINMAT functionality.
  • INSURTECH and Marine insurance.
  • Colombian maritime regulation project. Nature and scope.
  • Mandatory insurance and senior management.

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